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Recognizing the outstanding achievements of our students, we encourage everyone, young and old, to reach their goal of getting a licence. We aim to improve student awareness on the road, by using the values and experience of our trainers to inspire our future drivers.

A Safe Start Driving School prides itself on the success of its students. if you do your driving training with us, you have a 99% chance of passing your test and getting your photo added to our Hall of Fame below.


Nice drive bro, Don't forget the Lord when you make it bro.

Zach Lee passing first go at Ipswich.


Couldn't of happened to a nicer bloke, well done Nik!

Passed first go!


He is on the road!

"I'm free!! lol"


You got it! Congrats!

"It was fun, thanks for the lessons."


Passed with Flying colours!

"Really enjoyed it, thanks Henry!"


First Go Wahoo!

Thanks for the lessons Henry. You were clear and made me feel comfortable.


She got her P's on his first attempt!

"Thanks Henry, I really enjoyed the lessons!"


Tanja drove so well passed first go well done girl

Happiest person at the Department of transport yesterday


He got his P's on his first attempt!

"Thanks Henry, I really enjoyed the lessons!"